Photo d’illustration pour une conception de site web.

Quelques tendances pour les mariages numériques


Two web designers, one from Montreal and one from Nantes, met and fell in love online. They decided to get married, but because they lived in different countries, they had to have a transatlantic and digital wedding. They had a video call with their guests on the day of the wedding, and everyone watched as the couple got married. Afterwards, they had a virtual reception where they could chat with their guests and celebrate their special day.

Les mariages transatlantiques à Montréal et à Nantes

Nantes and Montreal may be on different continents, but that doesn’t stop them from coming together for a digital and transatlantic wedding! The two cities have been working together to promote graphic design, with Nantes providing training and Montreal offering internships. This partnership has resulted in some beautiful work, including a website that celebrates the union of the two cities. The site features stunning graphics and an interactive map that lets users explore all the amazing things that Nantes and Montreal have to offer.

Retour sur les différences culturelles entre Québec, France et États-Unis.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of web designers working remotely. This has led to a rise in the number of transatlantic marriages between designers from Montreal and Nantes. These digital nomads have found that they can work together seamlessly, despite the distance between them. They often use video conferencing and other collaborative tools to stay in touch and share ideas. These designer duos are proof that distance is no longer a barrier to creativity.

Réflexion sur la communication numérique d’aujourd’hui.


In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of web designers who are working remotely. This trend is especially prevalent among Montreal and Nantes-based designers, who often take on projects for clients based in other parts of the world. While some designers may be hesitant to work with clients they have never met in person, the reality is that many successful businesses are conducted entirely online. By building strong relationships with their clients and maintaining open communication, these designers are able to create beautiful and effective websites that satisfy both their clients and themselves.

Les deux graphistes ont décidé de se marier et de fonder leur famille à Nantes, en France. Les invités ont été conviés par e-mail et des faire-part virtuels ont été envoyés sur Facebook. La cérémonie a eu lieu dans un jardin public à Nantes et a été suivie d’un repas au restaurant Le Saint-Germain, également à Nantes. Les photos du mariage sont disponibles sur Flickr et tous les textes des différents éléments du site Internet sont disponibles en français et en anglais.